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May 15, 2015 | LangeTwins Staff

Library Release: 2006 & 2007 Single Barrel Petit Verdot

Last night we dressed up the barrel room and kicked off ZinFest Weekend with a wine dinner crafted by local Chef Michael Midgley of Midgley’s Public House.

Joined by 70 guests from near and far (Colorado, Canada, even Ireland!) we indulged in six courses each paired with our family wines. In honor of the Zinfandel-centric weekend, we poured our 2011 Centennial Zinfandel with a sweet and spicy jerk chicken which was an unexpectedly fantastic pairing.

And just to add something special, we also dug into the library holdings to sample some of our first Single Barrel offerings, the 2006 and 2007 Single Barrel Petit Verdot. Guests enjoyed these two vintages paired with petite filet drizzled with a reduction made from the 2007 Single Barrel Petit Verdot.

Not wanting to leave out our loyal Wine Club, we'd like to share the wines with those of you who could not attend last night’s dinner. The next time you will have the opportunity to purchase these wines may not be until the holidays when we plan to release a limited number of Single Barrel Library Collections.

Order your library releases here:

2006 Single Barrel Petit Verdot $55.00 Retail / $44.00 Club
2007 Single Barrel Petit Verdot $55.00 Retail / $44.00 Club

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LangeTwins Staff
April 10, 2015 | LangeTwins Staff

RSVP: Wine Club Release Party – Thursday Evening, April 23rd

Wine Club Members: Please RSVP and join us for our next Wine Club Release Party, Thursday evening, April 23rd, from 4pm-7pm.

We have a brand new wine to share with you, as part of the Winery Exclusive Tier – small lot bottlings that can only be purchased from the winery.

Introducing, our 2014 Gewürztraminer from the Wheelhouse Vineyard in the Clarksburg Appellation.

For those who had the opportunity to sneak a barrel taste of the Gewürztraminer as it aged in our large oak puncheons, you’ll agree that this is going to be a fantastic summer sipper. Served slightly chilled, this wine is highly aromatic and floral with just a bit of sweetness.

Join us in the Press Room to get your first taste of this new release, as well as the other featured wines in your Club Selection and a few nibbles. We’re hoping for nice weather so we can host you outside on the Press Room Patio!

Pick Up Members
RSVP soon for our Release Party or plan on visiting the Press Room during our regular hours Thursday – Sunday, 11am – 4pm to grab your wines. The wines will be ready beginning April 24th.

Ship-To Members
Your wines will packed with care and shipped by April 27th – tracking information will be emailed to you so you know when to expect delivery.

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LangeTwins Staff
March 4, 2015 | LangeTwins Staff

Easter Celebration – Saturday, April 4th

Wine Club Members: Purchase your tickets for our upcoming Easter Celebration before they sell out. This event is exclusive to Wine Club Members.

Our annual Easter event is a family favorite with something for for everyone:

For those of age, you’ll be greeted with a glass of Rosé and have a selection of our wines to taste as you enjoy the afternoon outside. Be sure to venture into the Press Room and test your skills in a blind tasting challenge as well as thief samples from some of our favorite barrels!

For the kids, or kids at heart, 11:30am is the main event – the egg hunt! Remember to bring a basket for the young ones and your cameras. Toss in the kids’ bikes and helmets too because we’ll again have a fun bike course for them to navigate.

If you have an aspiring young cyclocross champ in your family, Cody “The Kid” Kaiser will be leading those more experienced kids through a mini ‘cross course on the dirt and grass.

And to satisfy everyone’s appetite after all of this activity, Lodi’s Tin Roof BBQ will be on hand at lunchtime, serving delicious BBQ sandwiches.

View the invite below and purchase your tickets soon!

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LangeTwins Staff
January 26, 2015 | LangeTwins Staff

Wine & Chocolate 2015

We hope you can visit us during Lodi’s Wine & Chocolate Weekend, coming up quickly on February 7 & 8.

In addition to sipping our new 2014 Sangiovese Rosé, Midnight Reserve and the popular Tannat Dessert Wine, we have two very talented women joining us to make the weekend unique:

Nicole Patel, a nationally recognized chocolatier of Delysia Chocolates from Austin, Texas has partnered with us and will sample and feature truffles made with our wines. Nicole has been a focus of articles written in Wine Spectator and The Wall Street Journal.

Our exclusive LangeTwins Truffle Collections are available for sale in the Press Room.

Kathy Womack hails from Dallas, Texas and will fill the cellar with an exhibition of her Women and Wine Series. She will have originals and limited edition prints to purchase as a perfect Valentine’s gift. Costumes and fashion were her original focus, but she is developing a unique spin on women with the ‘bella muertos’ design.

Wine, chocolate, art and of course our delicious brie and chocolate paninis – see you then!

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LangeTwins Staff
August 20, 2009 | LangeTwins Staff

Pinot Noir: Clones

Winegrowers and winemakers often mention clones. I had the basic idea of what they are, but wanted to know more. The perfect opportunity arose with our Pinot Noir.

First, what are clones? There are many types of the same varietal from different sources, and when compared there are differences. These differences are caused by alternations in genes that control characters such as berry color and size, disease resistance, and ripening time. Over time the varietal alterations build up and result in greater diversity in varietals. This diversity is a clone.

Today there are many clones available to growers that enhance viticultural performance, wine quality, and help create a particular wine style. To help show the differences in a varietals clone, let’s take a look at our Pinot Noir clones 115, 777, and 23 (Mariafeld).

Our Pinot Noir Clones

Clone 115
French clone. Compact-berried winegrape bunch. Slight resistance to botrytis. Regular yields, complex, and powerful wines. Good ratio between fruit-flesh and berry skin so a higher aroma and color extraction can be achieved. Perfect for aging.

Clone 777
Similar to 115. French clone. Compact-berried winegrape bunch. Slight resistance to botrytis. High color, nice tannins, and aromatic. Good ratio between fruit-flesh and berry skin so a higher aroma and color extraction can be achieved. Perfect for aging.

Clone 23 – Mariafeld
Swiss clone. Loose-berried winegrape bunch. Higher resistance to botrytis. High yields, large berry size, good color and tannin structure. Gives wine a plush body with balanced character. Nice for sparkling wines.

This year we are crafting a wine using clone 115 and 777. Before we harvested I had a chance to taste the berries and what a difference between the two! 115 has smooth skin and more of a fruit and spice balance, whereas 777 has a tougher skin and a little less flavor profile, just as a the descriptions above noted.

I wish all the above information was directly from me, but I’m learning too! I pulled information from the Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis, and the book Wine Grape Varieties in California.

Stay tuned for more Pinot Noir details!

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