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LangeTwins Staff
November 28, 2014 | LangeTwins Staff

Holiday Wine Club Release Party

Our Holiday Wine Club Release is coming soon - RSVP for our Release Party on Saturday, December 13th from 11am-4pm in the Press Room.

Paul’s Rustic Oven will be serving small bites to complement the selection of wines we’ll be pouring. RSVP and join us!

Here’s just a sampling of the tasting lineup we have planned:
2012 LangeTwins Winery Exclusive Malbec – New release, single vineyard selection
2012 LangeTwins Single Barrel Teroldego -Wine Club only, unique varietal
2011 LangeTwins Single Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon - Wine Club only, exquisite Cab
NV Tannat Dessert Wine - Holiday perfection, pair with blue cheese or chocolate

Pick Up Members
RSVP soon for our Release Party or plan on visiting the Press Room during our regular hours Thursday – Sunday, 11am – 4pm to grab your wines.

Ship-To Members
Your wines will be en route to your doorstep by December 8th – tracking information will be emailed to you so you know when to expect delivery.

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LangeTwins Staff
November 25, 2014 | LangeTwins Staff

Introducing: Our Exclusive Malbec

Coming soon to the Press Room and Holiday Wine Club Selections is our new 2012 Single Vineyard Malbec.

The new look comes with a focus on single vineyard wines that are exclusively available from the winery – either in the Press Room or online.

You won’t find these wines in stores, ever.

A single vineyard selection, our Malbec is estate grown in the Clements Hills region of the Lodi Appellation at a vineyard we call Rose Two. It has cobbled, well-drained soil and is known for producing intense flavors.

This new wine and the other Exclusive selections to come will always be offered to our Wine Club Members before being released - drop by the Press Room after Dec. 13th to try our new Malbec!

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LangeTwins Staff
November 12, 2014 | LangeTwins Staff

Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

We’re excited to release our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, a collection of great wine packs for those on your holiday gifting list.

We have hand-selected collections of our family wines ranging from a two pack of our 90 point Centennial Zinfandel to a six bottle gift of our Caricature wines.

Each gift pack is personally assembled here at the winery and can include your handwritten gift notes. Gifting made easy without the heavy lifting.

View the complete Holiday Gift Guide PDF or order online.

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LangeTwins Staff
August 20, 2009 | LangeTwins Staff

Pinot Noir: Clones

Winegrowers and winemakers often mention clones. I had the basic idea of what they are, but wanted to know more. The perfect opportunity arose with our Pinot Noir.

First, what are clones? There are many types of the same varietal from different sources, and when compared there are differences. These differences are caused by alternations in genes that control characters such as berry color and size, disease resistance, and ripening time. Over time the varietal alterations build up and result in greater diversity in varietals. This diversity is a clone.

Today there are many clones available to growers that enhance viticultural performance, wine quality, and help create a particular wine style. To help show the differences in a varietals clone, let’s take a look at our Pinot Noir clones 115, 777, and 23 (Mariafeld).

Our Pinot Noir Clones

Clone 115
French clone. Compact-berried winegrape bunch. Slight resistance to botrytis. Regular yields, complex, and powerful wines. Good ratio between fruit-flesh and berry skin so a higher aroma and color extraction can be achieved. Perfect for aging.

Clone 777
Similar to 115. French clone. Compact-berried winegrape bunch. Slight resistance to botrytis. High color, nice tannins, and aromatic. Good ratio between fruit-flesh and berry skin so a higher aroma and color extraction can be achieved. Perfect for aging.

Clone 23 – Mariafeld
Swiss clone. Loose-berried winegrape bunch. Higher resistance to botrytis. High yields, large berry size, good color and tannin structure. Gives wine a plush body with balanced character. Nice for sparkling wines.

This year we are crafting a wine using clone 115 and 777. Before we harvested I had a chance to taste the berries and what a difference between the two! 115 has smooth skin and more of a fruit and spice balance, whereas 777 has a tougher skin and a little less flavor profile, just as a the descriptions above noted.

I wish all the above information was directly from me, but I’m learning too! I pulled information from the Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis, and the book Wine Grape Varieties in California.

Stay tuned for more Pinot Noir details!

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LangeTwins Staff
January 14, 2009 | LangeTwins Staff

More Solar Panels Installed At The Winery

Even more solar panels are being installed at the winery in our continued effort to produce much of our own green and renewable energy.  The array is covering the crush pad which will be a welcome patch of shade for our cellar guys come harvest.

Green Shade!

These new photovoltaic panels are double sided which allow them to generate electricity both from the direct sunlight shining on the front and the indirect ambient light being reflected back up onto the panels.  The double-sided panels are definitely new technology that we are hoping will increase our clean energy production.

Soakin' up the rays...

These panels add to the array on the winery cellar building, rows of panels that power vineyard irrigation pumps, and two huge arrays that cover the shops at the viticulture offices.
We profiled all the installations to show you how we are soakin’ up the rays in a post last August.

Double-sided panels rock.

We are really excited about these new, bi-facial panels.  Thanks to Renewable Technologies Inc for doing such a great job.

Now let’s start harvesting the sun!

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